segunda-feira, 5 de maio de 2014

Cena gay em Playa del Carmen


Post 2The Mayan Riviera has been flourishing as a gay travel destination in the late years. Having cosmopolitan towns such as Playa Del Carmen, this caribbean paradise is slowly becoming a preferred destination for the gay tourist overcoming even, the very well know Puerto Vallarta, thanks to it’s sophistications and considerably different vibe from the nearby tourist city, Cancún.
Spanish is as optional as wearing a top in most beaches in this area, even though most visitors and residents speak fluent english, it’s highly common to hear words from all around the world since most of Playa Del Carmen visitors are mainly European.
Added to the open minded environment and beautifully pedestrian attractions like the famous 5th Avenue, Playa Del Carmen easily host the most beautiful people from all around the word that you might ever seen together in one town. It’s almost inevitable to stumble upon the hottest guys street after street; In the case of a dedicated gay scene, there are strong proponents and options such as Club 69 or the locals gay bar La cueva del Maya – T.
Thanks to this heavenly ecosystem, the LGBT community tends to blend in to the relaxed ‘playense’ community, sharing the same hotspots in luxurious hotel boutique’s, cafe’s, bistros and even clubs. The love for good, updated and world-wise music is a common culture within the locals and travelers. 
The food is another fast developing attraction of this charming little beach town. Having the most renowned wine catering venues and 5 star cuisine from all nations, it becomes a sophisticated gourmet utopia. So it’s for sure that starvation is not a possibility.